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60 sticks/box grafting eyelashes 0.07 soft natural water bristles 8/10 / 12mm long C curling eye makeup tools

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Color: 8mm
Yes, this is the most natural and softest false eyelash I have ever seen!
It is the latest hottest single-cluster eyelashes!
Each eye needs to use about 10, 20 can turn into big eyes, super cost-effective!

Material: imported fiber
Curl: C curl
False eyelash craft: handmade
Eyelash length: 8/10 / 12 mm
Packing box size: 11.5*5.3cm
Weight: 50g
Project Type: Personal False Eyelashes
Program: Security
Thickness: 0.07mm (soft)
False eyelash root: plastic black soft root
Package includes: 1X false eyelashes (60 pieces), no glue

how to use:
1. Carefully remove the eyelashes from the eyelashes with tweezers
2. Compare the false eyelashes with the length of the eyeliner and trim to the appropriate length and width.
3. Add glue to the root of the false eyelashes with a cotton swab
4. Apply pressure to the root of the natural eyelashes with pressure
5. If necessary, use eye shadow or eyeliner to make the eyeliner look more natural

Use a pair of tweezers to hold the position of the root of the eyelashes, gently lift it up, and the eyelashes can be removed.
Don't grab the eyelashes casually, and you can't pick them up at the tip of the hair, otherwise the eyelashes will spread out!