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Ms. Electric Eyebrow Knife Leg Hairy Eyebrow Trimmer Multifunction Automatic Shaving Eyebrow Knife Set.

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Name: Electric eyebrow repairer

Material: aluminum tube + plastic

Battery: No battery (requires a number 7 battery)

Type: dry battery

Color: pink

Size: length 13.3cm * width 1.5cm

Service life: more than 3 years

Applicable people: ladies, beginners, business people, etc.

Power saving and durable, one battery can be used for more than one year, and one battery can be replaced after the power is used up.

Stainless steel cutter head, strong and durable;

It is made of aluminum and has a lacquered surface and a good surface texture.

Designed for women's skin, making your skin less susceptible to accidental scratching;

It can help you easily trim excess fine hair such as eyebrows, face, ear roots, hairline, arms, calves, etc.

The package includes:

1X eyebrows, 1X brush, 1X eyebrow comb.