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Sexy flowers jelly lipstick lasting moisturizing non-stick cup temperature color lipstick

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Color: 01

Magical flower color changing jelly lipstick

Color changes as temperature changes

Different shades of color due to different body temperature



Warm color conversion: plant color changing formula, the color changes according to the change of the lip temperature, magically customizing the color of the lips;

Fine color: rich in aloe vera, carotene and other moisturizing ingredients, the texture is light and moist;

Long-lasting color: uniform color, not easy to fade, not easy to stain the cup, providing long-lasting makeup care

Natural ingredients, safe to eat lipstick



  1. The 6 colors of the temperature change lipstick are all pink series
  2. Because the color of dried flower jelly is changed according to human body temperature, so the temperature of each human body is different, and the effect of coating will be different!
  3. After receiving the lipstick, put the lipstick on the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours, Ice and ice cool and better use
  4. The lipstick paste is fragile. When using it, do not over-extrude the paste. Please also treat the owner gently.


The package includes:

1*dried flower jelly color changing lipstick